It's been quite some time since I last shared any projects I've been working on outside of the blog, so I thought it appropriate that on a week where my schedule is packed with client deadlines and photo shoots you would get a little peek at what I've been working on!

Starting from scratch in this Seattle condo, we wanted to mix a little bit of glamour into a whole lot of midcentury and contemporary modern style. While I'm currently working on interior design for the entire condo, this is the board for the dining room, which may end up being my favorite part of the home...
becky dining room inspiration
This moodboard was for a client I worked on over the summer where I wanted to bring in some more character by adding layers of texture and pattern to their neutral furnishings. I loved how these spaces felt light and cozy at the same time, like you wouldn't be afraid to plop right down on the sofa and make yourself at home...
hass living room inspiration
And finally, a really fun space to bring some inspiration to, this board was for a client in Montana who needed a little direction with using some of her current furniture but changing around the layout, and adding additional pieces to complete the room...
carmen's living room resources
I'm never quite sure if these type of posts are at all interesting when you're not the client, but I hope that these boards can maybe serve as some inspiration for those of you looking for tips on renewing your home as we all start nesting for fall! And, of course, if you're at all interested in my interior or event design services, I'm always ready for new clients. Just an email away!

*boards created by cassandra lavalle of coco+kelley. all rights reserved. please do not distribute without permission.