It is inevitable: Every time I complete and publish a coco+kelley post, I find 50 pictures that would have been perfect for the topic. Cristina here from Fuji Files with a little recap that was just too good to pass up. You may recall the Moroccan wedding blankets from a few weeks ago?
I was well aware that they make beautiful bedspreads, but when I found these alternative ways of displaying a handira, I simply had to share.
I'm in love with this room and its beautiful rug with matching pillow cases! And handira pillows are an affordable way to bring this look home. Of course carpet cleaning would be an issue, but let's not let reality spoil my daydream of basking in this nook with my matching yellow house slippers and lemony beverage.
Major 'Why didn't I think of that!' moment happening with this coffee table. The sequins add just the right touch of glam to this neutral living room.
And speaking of glam, did you notice:
The most luxurious picnic blanket ever! I'm imagining a fab bachelorette picnic complete with silver trays and macaroons. So if you're still searching for reasons to invest in one of these beauties, here are three more!