Julie here from Chapman Interiors bringing you a home today that's filled with burnished golds and blues ranging from cobalt to cornflower - a beautiful combination that's strong and elegant at the same time. You'll see that by keeping furniture simple and restrained, designer Frank Roop maintains the air of sophistication within the limited color palette, but doesn't forgo color entirely.
We find the color bursts confident in their saturation (pillows, lampshades, flowers), but simple in the way he uses them in blocks vs. pattern. Do you notice how each piece catches your eye, and yet they're all incredibly well balanced.
The furniture and bones of this space are neutral, but not boring. Choosing a range of grays, tans and subtle pastels for the main pieces keeps them soft without being matchy, which adds extra interest and feels less predictable.
Look at those flowers! Tightly arranged in their vase offering a vigorous shot of color, just like the rest of the home accents. And notice the absence of pattern... a great recipe if you're looking for a space that is clean but still approachable. (And easy to swap out when you're ready for a change!)

Get the look for your own space by employing structured neutral furniture and solid pattern as your two biggest tools. Add a little shimmer with metallic accents, and try to limit your color palette to two main colors, (but within those colors you are free to vary them a bit). Don't forget the monochromatic floral arrangements - this little detail will complete your room! Have a look at what we come up with ...

Voila! Simple and clean with a little fun color. What's not to like!?



*resources: sofa, brass lamp (love this guy!), fuschia mums in glass container, chrome table, sunshine throw, silk pillow, bolster. room images courtesy Frank Roop)