You may remember that we had started a series around here called Kelley Green (get it? green? eco-friendly?). Well, the series is going to be passed on to a new contributor in the new year and I'm so excited for her to join the team! In the meantime, Miss Laura has put together this fabulous gift guide for those who like to give and give good for the holidays...
eco gift guide 1
*1. Reclaimed Wood Mirror from dryads dancing
*2. Organic Nailpolish from Kaight NYC
*3. Reclaimed screen printed feather wood hook from NewDuds
*4. Recycled Clutch from GreenEnvy
*5. Recycled Metal necklace from Polli
*6. Naturally dyed vintage pillow from Sukan
*7. Recycled copper bowls Pfeifer Studio
*8. Laptop case made from recycled plastic bottles from Econscious
*9. Natural Mint Lime Sugar Bath Bomb from GreenEnvy
*10. Bag made from recycled sails from sea bags
*11. Journals made from vintage wallpaper from lorgie&me
eco gift guide 2
*12. Recycled glass earrings from Smart Glass Jewelry
*13. Tivi clutch made from timber from Polli
*14. Grey Pashmina made from rayon bamboo from
*15. Ethically made shoes from Kaight NYC from Kaight NYC
*16. Bamboo iphone case from grove
*17. Sprout Watch with Eco-friendly white corn resin bracelette and mineral crystal lens from Macys
*18. Fair Trade Emerald ring from Elegant Roots