Hello lovelies! Julie here from Chapman Interiors bringing you some of my favorite gifts to give (or receive!) for the friend who loves to spruce up their nest.

*1. A cheerful mantle clock keeps us on task with its bold red and modern take on a classic style.
*2.  Mr & Mrs. Tumblers. Who wouldn't want to unwrap these lovelies? Especially appropriate for recently married friends.
*3. There's nothing Kelly W does wrong in my book - or hers for that matter- (her over-the-top rooms are inspiring, even if they aren't realistic!). Her most recent book HUE, is bright and cheery, perfect for the coffee table.
*4. Who needs a knight in shining armor when we could just have his powerful steed instead?
*5. Bring a hot little trend into your kitchen with these Ikat tea towels.
*6. A wishbone is a symbol of luck, and who couldn't use a little of that!? Dipped in gold it delivers the most glamorous good wishes.
*7. I love a good snuggle with a heavy quilt when the winter weather sets in. You may want to purchase two of these vintage-inspired quilts for the holiday season - one for you and one for your favorite snuggler!
*8. The infamous Voluspa candle. This gift packs a one-two punch; the candle is of the highest quality, delivering layered, deep scent, and the container is absolutely gorgeous. Scent + beauty = gift home run!
*9. We're all familiar with the stunning work of Tim Walker, but his book is a must-have for any design lover, with pages and pages of constant inspiration.
*10. Keep current (and green!) with vintage kilim covered throw pillows (I love that each one is unique!).