Yes, next weekend is Christmas. No, I don't have my shopping done. And why?? Because apparently all I'm doing this month is getting out of town!
Tori Praver3
This weekend I'm headed to Portland for a wedding to celebrate with friends I haven't seen in quite some time. Half the fun will be getting there as roadtrips certainly make for great catchup time amongst other friends who have been just as busy as I have!
frederic lagrange india
I will say I've had less of the Christmas spirit in me this year (running around like a mad woman will do that to you), so I hope to find some more of it next week... perhaps putting together some very holiday inspired posts will help...
As an aside... classic cars really do it for me. I think every photo shoot needs one.

And finally... some weekend links...

*1. A Lavish Recap Roundup (and I swear I'll be putting my two cents in next week) from Nicole at Sketch42. I adore this woman.
*2. My winter wedding inspiration board over at Snippet & Ink! (lavender and clementine, anyone?)
*3. Crystal's recap of the Rue/HGTV/Studio M. party at Lavish with some very fun photos!

Much love to you all ... enjoy the weekend!!


*images via elle magazine, frederic lagrange, and barbara czartoryska