Over this past weekend I finally made myself get out to the huge Picasso exhibit going on here in Seattle, and as I wandered through rooms of sketches and paintings I started wondering about the crazy creative processes that artists go through in their head...
The way we each take things in and then put them back out into the world is so unique. For me, my eye is constantly drawn to color, texture, and patterns - drawing them out and putting them together into something that makes sense. I take pieces of inspiration and connect the dots to create a larger idea...
Seneca Rising Spring 2011 by Zoey Grossman
And what does that look like in my mind? Well, something like this actually. Jumping from the first photo to the second, it's the colors that bring them together, but in the second photo, it's the leopard print shoes that really pop out to me, which brings us to this lovely shot below...
Put them all together in little pieces of inspiration, and this is what you get!
leopard+lilac inspiration clips coco+kelley
Lots of lovely lilac highlighted by shots of orange and yellow, mixed in with unexpected leopard and some ethnic stripes. Saying that out loud, it sounds a bit jumbled and crazy, but looking at it all together, you can see how it works. And, voila! Inspiration for a room, a tabletop, or even today's ensemble.

How does your eye see it?

*images via the selby, photography by zoey grossman, via jacklyn paige