I usually gravitate towards fresh and glamorous homes to showcase here at Coco+Kelley, but sometimes it's fun to break away from the norm right? Good, glad you're in agreement. Today's tour is of the masculine variety (but not minimal-masculine!), it's a collected home, filled with art, treasures and a donning a deep palette of charcoal, ebony and tobacco... not sure you can get more masculine than that!
Where to begin.. the organic sculpture catches my eye immediately, wandering through the gallery wall and up to the industrial pendant whose holes mimic the same pattern as the nail-head detail on the chairs. The delicate collection of candles lend a nice balance.
Industrial at its finest. Sculptural pieces rest on the coffee table and desk-top, offering the space texture and interest.
Ahh, a little white to brighten-up the dark palette. I have a weakness for floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases, top that with divided glass doors and you have one happy camper. The high-gloss, diagonal floor is a sleek departure from a traditional wood installation.

Get this look for yourself by combining raw metal pieces, a dash of mid-century, a gallery wall with predominantly black and cream art, and sculptural pieces to add impact...

And voila. Collected-Industrial, at your service.



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*resources: leather chair, dining table, woven throw, pharmacy lamp, tribal pillow, lattice mirror