Pulling off daytime sequins during the winter is pretty easy - it's so dark and gloomy it practically feels like night, and our days need that little sparkle to perk us up! Sequins in the sunshine, however? Not as effortless! So I've been poking around for a bit of inspiration, and found some from a favorite of mine, Miss Kelly over at the Glamourai...
How fabulous are the colors she paired here?? The trick is to keep the sequins light and casual in every possible way. The pop of neon in that jacket is pure perfection! But my favorite is that there's a pattern here - it's not a heavy solid layer of sparkle. Naturally, I'm now obsessed with finding a fun little patterned sequined piece like this for spring... something like this:
The 'Barbie' dress from Naven (love!), but with a price tag I can actually afford. I think it's time to do some vintage shopping!