Jim Howard

I'm so not alone in the blogosphere when it comes to loving this space designed by Jim Howard and photographed by Franscesco Lagnese. House Beautiful actually featured much more of the amazing home, but this romantic bedroom was my absolute favorite. I know this isn't the best photo in the world, so head over here to see more of this gorgeous beach home!

Just a sidenote: we're getting pretty close to the wedding here...16 days to be exact!! (Eek! So exciting!) My posts might be a little more sparse than usual from here on out, and regrettably some emails may be falling through the cracks. I'll make it up to you with wedding photos though, I promise! Actually we just had our engagement photos taken last night. (We waited until the very end, I know, but around here the snow is finally losing its battle against the sun!) And yes, there was turquoise!! :)