Well, a few things didn't happen this weekend. *1. I didn't get to go off on my little weekend getaway (due to a hacking cough and sudden loss of voice) and *2. I also didn't spend the entire weekend working (which is quite a miracle). Instead, I took the time to do some things I haven't done in a while... say, since last summer?

This is one of two bulletin boards above my desk - one serves for inspiration and the other organization - and this weekend I was looking at it and realized... I have rebuilt my inspiration since last August. How did I know? Because the calendar (to the right below) told me so...  
coco+kelley august inspiration board
coco+kelley august inspiration board2
"Ridiculous," I thought to myself and immediately began pulling the tear sheets down. But, not before I snapped a few pics to share - after all, that's what inspiration is for, right? The board was during my citron color trend obsession last summer, and I loved the way it looked paired with a strong coral/pink and unexpected black. My goal for this week? Some new inspiration to freshen things up around here and share with you all as soon as I can!

Happy Monday lovelies! Let's make it a fantastic week, shall we?
xo cassandra