Ever wonder how those many market pages in the front of magazines get put together? Well, I don't know how the other mags do it, but here's a peek behind my process as the Market Editor at Rue!

When I begin putting together the color trend pages, I usually start with pulling runway shots and interiors that appeal to me in the moment, coming up with a few different options to select from. For Issue #4 I wanted to find a combination of color that included some of the bold colors that we're seeing in the marketplace, while still remaining sophisticated and realistic as palette that others would want to imitate in their home or wardrobe...
There were many options (a few of which you may see in future issues!) but I kept returning to two images - the room above and the Tracy Reese runway look below. The palette conjured up images of vacationing in the Caribbean while being soft enough for spring - a perfect mix! Then comes the fun (and challenging!) part... shopping!
marine+layer coco+kelley
Once the palette is chosen, I spend hours and hours combing through my favorite sites to find pieces that might make the page. Then, I send all my options on to our Art Director, Bri, and we pick the best of the best to make the page. And the leftovers? Well, usually they get ditched, but today they get their day in the sun right here. I especially love the striped options because they mimic the original room... what are your favorites?

*resources: 1. tomas maier dress 2. grecian pillow at wisteria 3. matiko sandal at urban outfitters 4. tabac chair at jayson h&g 5. a.l.c. tank top 6. stella mccartney skirt 7. vases at lamps plus 8. undersea lamp at anthropologie 9. mali sabatasso necklace 10. jonathan adler bolster pillow 11. j.crew sawyer hobo

PS - to get your sneak peek behind the 'looming large' trends page, head on over to the Rue blog today where I share more wonderful wovens!