Ames Hotel, Renovated 19th Century Building To Embrace The 21 St Century As A Luxury Hotel In Boston, USA

Ames Hotel, to renovate the building from 19 to include the 21 century as a luxury hotel designed by Rockwell Group is based in Boston, USA. The lobby features a marble mosaic tile original vaulted ceilings and a dramatic marble staircase and brass. Scattered around the lobby are original works of art to the site, such as a candlestick of thousands of reflective discs hanging on the floor of the son, and a wall behind the abstract ceramic reception area composed of several pieces of porcelain Poured by hand.

Stop the pressure on the hotel's restaurant on two floors is also a contrast of times, the fusion of historical context, with a touch of modern dandy. Woodward called the name of a tavern that belonged to the author of the Almanac of Nathaniel Ames. The main feature of the restaurant is the "cabinet of curiosities" in the second floor, a shelf of Victorian style in the entire dining area is organized with over 200 hand-selected objects of inspiration. Windsor chairs, epoxy high gloss white, are scattered throughout the restaurant, complementing the wooden walls washed in a milky glaze.