Chrome Hotel Sculptural Use Of Space To Do Their Unique Hotel With Sanjay Puri Architects In Kolkata, India

Chrome Hotel sculptural use of space to make their hotel situated in Kolkata, India, was designed by Sanjay Puri Architects. Facing a busy road artery in the city and flanked by commercial buildings on both sides of a residential building in the back, there was a small piece of land to build a business hotel with a height restriction of 24 m. The hotel is planned in eight levels of occupation of public space of three and four floors of rooms above a bar lounge on the roof upstairs.

Levels of rooms are identified by a white block on the right, forming a wedge into the front corner of the hotel, which has a suite on each level overlooking a schoolyard in the overview on the road. The building thus relates to its environment in terms of planning and creating a distinct identity that smaller hotels.