Christodora Penthouse In New York By The Architect Lyn Rice

Christodora Penthouse was designed by Lyn Rice Architects, and is in New York According to the architects, the renovation of this apartment "involved to clarify and update the equipment and space for logic programming. The penthouse in the north, an area winter is a warm and intimate home organized around existing housing. Transitions in the Southern Zone was a loft, more designed to accommodate large gatherings and is accessible through a bar-wall thickening contains a wine storage bar while hiding the new service and storage areas that serve the formal dining room next door. As shown in the auditorium focuses more on the table Billyard. if this room has been specially designed with a modern and elegant. The wall was designed with gray panels that create a sense of luxury in the rooms and compliance with the kitchen section Billyard together to play like the atmosphere of a luxury hotel.

Kitchen near the meeting room will allow you to prepare everything for the wine comrades Bill Yard.