As promised, this week I'm going to bring you lots of posts from my trip to High Point. We were lucky enough to be toured through a few different showrooms as a group (so much fun with my fabulous blog gals!) so I'll start off with those...

First up was one of my favorites - the Hickory Chair showroom!
Celebrating their 100 year anniversary, the focus of their new product was reinventing some of their classics into updated pieces as well as offering some popular customizations, like the length added to this large, gorgeous dining table!
hickory chair new pieces high point 2011
And updating the very first hickory chair they ever created into this modernized version above (to the left). They also showed off their customization options by creating two versions of the pieces shown above in completely different finishes - a great way to show how changing the tone of a piece can create a totally different vibe.
Seeing Suzanne Kasler's rooms is always a treat for me, and she did not disappoint with this space designed to show off her new fabric line. Loved the use of the pattern throughout...
suzanne kasler hickory chair high point
My two favorite pieces from Suzanne's line remain the same - the campaign desk and slipper chair. Unfortunately our time at the showroom got cut short, because there was so much more to see and do... so this tour is moving on too!

Next up was Sligh - a company was unfamiliar with before getting to High Point.
The focus of their furniture lines is on home office and entertainment - and this new line was hands-down my favorite out of all their selections. Clean lines and gorgeous hardware with two-toned wood. I liked that they showed a variety of simple modern styles as well as traditional, with a great focus on attention to detail and technology needs.
sligh high point1
The desks are all made to hide wires and plug-ins and their entertainment units (which I forgot to get shots of) have the option of their 'strong arm' mounting system (so you don't have to damage your walls!) as well as the 'smart eye' which allows you to use the remote to control all the technology componets hidden behind the doors.

After that we were on to Theodore Alexander where my camera basically started failing on me, but I manged to get a few fun shots...
Like our group with the Keno Brothers whose line was simply stunning!! I'll have to share more of it with you when the images are available because we weren't allowed to photograph them yet.

And talk about an extensive line - the company creates serious reproductions of traditional English pieces while contrasting them with completely modern shapes as well... and pretty much everything in between too.
theodore alexander
One of my favorites of the traditional pieces was this double heart table...
In the right setting it could be such a sweet little stand-alone piece.

What do you think so far? Anything you're absolutely loving? All have the second half of the tour later today... and tomorrow, we'll talk trends!

*all photos my own