Have you ever found a pattern you loved but thought - there's no possible way I could use this. It's just way too busy to put in my home...
Well, my friends, this is how you do it and get away with it! Keep it simple. If you're going to do this on a traditional sofa, make it a very straight lined mid-century modern style. I love the idea of the bench seats though - the fabric almost appears to float, and all the white helps keep things light!
alexandra angle beach house
The fact that the pattern is small scale helps too - the further away you are, the more the pattern blends into a solid. And, did you notice how symmetrical each cushion is? They're exactly the same, helping give order to what could be total visual chaos. That's the work of a professional!  I'm also loving the color punches added to the rest of the room - especially the ceiling! Very well played.

*interior design by alexandra angle