Ahhh, Friday. I thought you'd never come! It's been a long week balancing travel and deadlines, and I'm looking forward to a fairly quiet little weekend...
Before I get to unpacking and weekend chores, I think a little sleeping in will be in order.
Etta and the city-3.skona hem
After that? I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with a few very important ladies in my life! Setting the table for hours of conversation and catching up.
And, while I'm at it I'll do my best to put on some rose-colored glasses and make it a very happy little weekend! I wish the same to you!
xo cassandra

PS - Due to blogger's crash yesterday we lost almost 200 entries in our cococozy giveaway! If you entered before, please go back and enter again, and I'm sure blogger apologizes for the inconvenience (although I haven't heard an apology yet...)

*images via unknown, skona hem, and pinterest