When blogger had it's little *ahem* 'accident' a couple weeks back, it deleted this Room of the Week post.  So I brought it back! Because this room really is quite deserving, in my opinion...

There are a few colors I'm consistently drawn to wherever I go, and coral happens to be one of them (you may have noticed). I have loads of it in my wardrobe, but hardly any in my home. Every time I've tried to bring it in, it feels just a little too loud and overpowering. But I think I may have just found the solution...
Given a room all its own, the color blocking combination of coral and peach feels just right, and extremely fresh against all the white! I love the updated traditional styling of the room - simple rich wood chairs, beautiful white walls with lovely molding, and antique accents. Nothing too stuffy or over-the-top here. The addition of the potted urn atop the modern white column, however, might be the final piece pulling it all together. The room needs that dash of greenery to give it a softer, garden feel.

PS - If you hate the peach, you can swap it out - bonus!! What color or pattern would you rather see on the table? 

*room featured in veranda via mfamb