Most of us have long avoided the color orange because of the all too common jack-o-lantern effect: orange + black = Halloween. And, when attempting an orange ensemble it seems that suddenly everything else in my closet is black! Cristina from Fuji Files here to show you how to get the look without the scary side effects.

Girls everywhere are dawning big doses of color in everything from skinny to wide leg and cropped trousers. These pants are also the perfect way to try your hand at the color block trend, so pick a top in a solid color and steer clear of patterns and prints. 

Start with orange trousers in an easy, flattering fit like these linen pants by J.Crew. Pair them with a simple white tee and then play with the accessories! To avoid looking like a pumpkin, skip the black and accessorize with blues instead. Blue is the the best alternative to black and is a perfect match with orange (complimentary colors on the color wheel!).

*Resources: sunglasses Ray-Ban, earrings Missoni, pants J.Crew, shirt T by Alexander Wang, cuff Pamela Love, iPad case Michael Kors, shoes YSL