Green Room

Nothing is more green than recycling. 

For those of us who collect antiques 
and shop for gently used wares,
we live the green life. 

Sometimes ordinary things can take on a new purpose.
We've all had a time when we used something 
for a purpose outside it's calling  . . .
A coffee cup pencil holder,
a jar holding buttons . . . 

What about bigger things?

Today I bring to you a set of things that
are not only being reused,
but in some cases rethought.
Including a few items from my own home.

But first, a history lesson.

In the 30s this building was an office space.

By the 50s, a small fashion studio

An now you call it home.

You have purchased this building, busted out some walls,
and renovated it. 
You sifted through the remains,
pulled from it some good pieces, and build some new dreams.
The local salvage yard and consignment shop
had a number of things you could put to good use, too.

Modern green living - the old fashioned way.

Doors turned room divider,

a trolley cart coffee table,

 windows frames as decor or a new mirror,
an antique dress form just like the one in my dining room,

a door as a table.

Also included:

4 pendant lights
a bottle, a jar and two styles of edison bulbs
Nesting bowls just like my own (2nd style is CAS-table)
A metal sign that used to hang at a store I worked at in South Station, Boston
(2 styles, worn and worn out)
a 'scissor' lamp with glass bulb,
and an accordion table I finally had to break down and buy I loved it so much.

Well there you have it. 
14 items.
This set is so big I am having to break it up by format.
** door screen footprint problem has been corrected for these downloads**

I hope you enjoy this set as much as I have creating it.
Perhaps it will inspire you to see thing a new way.

People that need to be thanked for their invaluable help:
Raven Shadow @ MTS <------- my hero
OrangeMittens @ MTS/Indigo
HugeLunatic @ MTS
HystericalParoxysm @MTS
Murano @ TSR
Helping to fix the problems with the 
dining table and trolley cart coffee table
as well as TSRW in general.

I also want to thank all the people who have helped me to test this set,
and, of course, Heidi @ Exotic Elements for inspiring the set with her unreleased finial! Release it! hehe