Pandora's Box

You'll remember I am a picture framer

Sometimes a piece of art comes in that 
a simple mat and frame 
simply won't cut it. 
It needs more

Today I have two new sets for you.
A shadow box frame and an acrylic box frame.

A shadow box is a deep frame that
the inside of the frame is lined with the same material
as the backing the piece is floated on.

An acrylic box frame is set up something of the same
but sometimes you don't want to look at a frame.
Paper needs to be protected however, 
so a acrylic box or plexi box can be used to minimize the framing.

Probably more than you ever cared to know. 
Just saying.

These were constructed to add depth and realism
to my own game. 
This didn't come without problems.
Glass has a glare and these were no different.
Solution? How about it's own light source. 

To have the glass on the surface, it was hard to see the art
which is a little 'too' real. I noticed that with proper lighting,
the light reduced the glare and showcased the art again.

If you are concerned about 'glare' then this set might not be for you.
This was an attempt at realism as art normally has glass. 
Colors and light affect them so experiment with what works best.
The look best in a room with limited direct natural light.

The shadow box has art that is more Generative, Op, and Minimal:
McNally, Ado, Ernst, Stella

Pearson, Shlian, Hepler, Spalatin,
Timofeev, Agam, Unknown, Unknown

The acrylic box has art that is more abstract and varied.
Corita, Lichtenstein, Klee, Modigliani
Rosenquist, Pearson, Gottlieb, Mountford
Nevelson, Qadri, Motherwell, Hock

All of the art is on paper.

Some of these artists are contemporary
and some are considered masters.
All are good at what they do
and each can stand along side the other.

Enjoy it while eating
Enjoy it while relaxing

Just enjoy it.

So now you have two more styles of frame to consider.
You can click on the art and adjust 
the color or brightness of the light or simply turn it off.

These are large files
and as such
you'll need to download the type of file you prefer seperately.