Millions of us will be celebrating our mothers and, subsequently, our families this weekend...
It's been an interesting past few years for me watching more of my friends become mothers themselves. It's such a beautiful bond that I can't wait to hopefully have with my own family someday.
But what it's made me realize even more is how much mothers do, how much they give of themselves, how much they keep it together, day after day.
I'm so proud of all my friends who have grown (some instantly, some with more challenge) into the amazing mothers that they are.
And of course I'm so, so grateful for my own sweet mama who continues to drive me crazy with her constant questions, fill me up with her hugs, and surprise me with her unending support.
Don't forget to treat all the mamas in your life like queens this weekend! And to all of you mamas out there - a very Happy Mother's Day to you!
xo cassandra

*images natalia vodianova and family by mario testino